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Underwater Salvage & Towing – Diving Service

Parker Diving Service FAQs - nita h boat beachedWhich credit cards does Parker Diving Service Redwood Shore Diving, Inc. accept?

Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards are accepted, as well as debit cards which bear the Visa, Mastercard , or American Express logo.

What is salvage?

salvaging a vessel refers to the act of rescuing or removing vessels that are hard aground, stranded, beached, on the rocks, taking on water requiring emergency pumping, capsized, sunk or leaking a hazardous product.

What is disposal?

This means either legal disposal of all petroleum products and hazmat products or dismantling the whole vessel and disposing of all parts in an environmentally legal way, ie; petroleum products are collected, packaged and legally disposed of, Hazmat products including paints, epoxies, chemicals and even household cleaners are legally disposed of, batteries are legally disposed of and metals are returned to recycler the rest is taken to a landfill.

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